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Why am i a dj?

I have always been a fan of music. I have always been a fan of technology. What better way to put these two things together?

I was that kid who stayed up late cobbling together various audio components then using them to mix various songs together. Although I desired to become a DJ then, it was not meant to be.

I started doing sound (and other audio/visual work) for the various churches I have attended in 1992. Through this work I started doing sound for wedding ceremonies.

Fast forward and my wife and I were attending a wedding where the DJ was just horrible. He was not dressed appropriately. He was using an old home stereo that kept cutting out. He had no microphones. He played the same songs over and over. 

Finally my wife turned to me and said "So how much would it take for you to get setup and do this? You need to do this". We agreed to a budget that night and here we are!

Your DJ should provide support and enhancement to your event, not distrscct from it!





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my family does not really like to dance. Why have music at my wedding?

Music provides a background for each phase of your event. It adds depth and texture. Imagine a movie with no music! It helps guests process the visual of the event. Music provides markers for our memories, and can help us recall with fondness the details of the day! Tradition dictates a processional and recessional for the ceremony, and background music during the mingle/cocktail hour and dinner hour adds warmth. And while you or your family may not put a priority on dancing, some of your gusts certainly will enjoy it!

Why don't I just have a friend play music from an ipod?

First of all, because they are supposed to be a guest enjoying the day! Many friends will volunteer to help you in any way they can, but music lasts for the entire length of the event and requires constant attention. As a professional DJ I have thousands of songs and can choose the correct song for each moment of your day. I can read the crowd and adjust accordingly. Mixing skills help keep everyone excited during the dancing phase. Then there is the practical aspect. I bring a professional grade sound system that is designed for this purpose! Plus I have a variety of microphones for the ceremony and the reception. In addition I have some exciting dance lighting to provide the right mood!

Do I get to choose the music?

I will give you the opportunity to provide me with a sampling of songs you like. I use this information to build a playlist for your event. In addition I give you the opportunity to provide me with a "do not play" list.

Do you take requests?

I will entertain requests, but I do not make promises. If a request fits in with what is happening then there is a good chance I will play it. I have had some really out there requests! Of course if the Bride or Groom makes a request I will do everything I can to fulfill it.

Do you provide MC services?

Absolutely! I will provide MC services all through your event. From announcements and introductions, supporting the toasts, and keeping things moving through the traditional elements.